Professional and Business Services

With 14% of the workforce employed, the PBS industry is one of the largest and most prosperous in the UK. Technological innovation in the industry generates strong growth and presents chances for both existing players and new entrants with access to enhanced professional capabilities. The government collaborates closely with the industry to find and nurture the best people across the nation, with specialties ranging from recruitment to advertising, administration to consultancy, architects to lawyers, and accountants to engineers.

In the world, the UK is the second-largest exporter of business services. It is home to 3 of the “Big 4” international accountancy and consulting firms as well as 5 of the top 15 worldwide law firms. A professional services company that wants to expand internationally should start in the UK. It has access to a variety of innovative services, free trade agreements (FTAs), and trading frameworks that are geared towardS the digital economy. Additionally, it gains from London’s position as the top global financial hub.